Camp Bow Wow - a brilliant day care for dogs

  • Posted on: 29 February 2012
  • By: NickLitten

A big *THANKS* to all the crew at Camp Bow Wow... yesterday was interview day with Bailey (my 6month old English Springer) and based on the fact that he returned wagging like a loon, grinning, happy and promptly fell asleep right through to this morning... it must have been fun! One new regular customer is sold on your services. Thanks from me and from Bailey Litten ;)

Here is the live video feed from Camp Bow Wow - Can you find Bailey?

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Circus furcus:
Waggin Wyn

Waggin Wyn
Waggin Wyn

Mandalay Bark
Mandalay Bark

Fountains of Doglagio

Furmont Street

Woofer Dam

McCanine Airport

Teacup Pup

In their own words:

Day Camp (Dog Day Care)
Long work day? High energy dog? Separation anxiety? Guilt about infrequent walks? Bring your dog to Camp Bow Wow for a day at Camp! Early drop-off and late pick-up allow you to focus on your daily routine while your dog plays with our Certified Camp Counselors(r) and his or her favorite canine friends. One thing is for sure - at the end of the day, each dog goes home tired and happy. That's good for your dog, and good for you, too!
Overnight Camp (Dog Boarding)
Vacation? Business Trip? Allergic houseguests? Bring your dog to Camp Bow Wow for all-day play, private cabins and plenty of canine and human contact help your pup sleep soundly at Camp Bow Wow while you are away.
Why Come to Camp?
Eliminate Dog Loneliness
We like to think of Fido having fun rather than sitting in a crate or tearing up the house while we are gone; and, while we love our dogs, we also like the occasional "night off" from playing ball or going for a mile-long walk.
You Can Relax
It can be taxing at times to come home after a hard day's work - and an often lengthy commute - only to find Fido hyper and ready to romp and play for an hour when all you want to do is kick off your shoes and relax. Leave Fido at Day Camp while you are at work and he will be more than happy to sleep at home while you go out to dinner. It is true that a tired dog is a well-behaved dog.
A Better Behaved Dog
Having a dog that is happy to meet new people and dogs makes going for walks and having company in your home much more enjoyable... and fun! Dogs are social animals by nature and, when socialized, enjoy the company of other dogs. Taking Fido to day care can help him stay well-socialized; socialization to dogs is like foreign language to us - if it isn't practiced it will be forgotten.