Download and Update WebSphere Development Studio Client WDSC7 for free

  • Posted on: 15 November 2012
  • By: NickLitten

I'm an IBMi Developer - do I choose SEU, RSE or WDSC?

If your caught between using SEU (Stoneage Editting Utility) and RSE (Really Stupidly Expensive) for your IBM-i code development environment - you have one other glaringly obvious choice - WDSC (Wonderful Double Super Codetool).

Personally, I like WDSC because its $FREE and I'm cheap :)

This was the last iteration of the Websphere Development suite before IBM, rebuilt and rebranded it as the 'Rational Developer Tool' and decided to charge $900 per copy. For Freelance RPG Programmers like me that just puts the tool completely out of my budget. how could IBM possibly justify $900 for a single code editor application that was previous free. Compare this to Microsoft MSDN charges where I gladly pay $300 for a license for every single piece of Microsoft Software out there! That is a big thumbs up for MSDN subscriptions and a big raspberry for IBM's RDi/p costs.

Anyway, enough of my gripes about IBM's ridiculous software costs for us freelancers lets get the old &free WDSC version installed:



The WDSC7 Install CD Set is 7GB so I would strongly recommend using a download manager that will resume if the link is broken. I use Download Manager as its free and awesome  :)


2 - DOWNLOAD W.D.S.C. (the final version)

Download WDSC7 from here - user 'download' password 'digitalflipflop'

This is the final *free* release of IBM's Eclipse based IDE for RPG, Java, CL, DDS, SQL (yadda yadda) editor. It was the last free version before IBM moved to the RDi product which is chargeable. I've tested it with Windows XP/7/8 - both 32 and 64 bit.

NOTE: This is a big download and the size is 6.2GB -- yes that is GIGA-bytes -- I suggest using a download manager to speed things up and allow you to resume interrupted downloads.

When its with you - Extract all files to a working folder (C:\WDSC) ready to be installed.

NOTE: Create a folder off the root drive like c:\WDSC because of the long file names and folder names you may hit problems unzipping into a location with a long folder name like \my documents\my things\some or another\and then another folder\stuff ... if that makes sense  ;)

It should look something like this:

wdsc7 install


You need to install the IBM 1.6 Installer from folder called :  AAA FIRST - Install this version of IBM Installer

Once its installed must reboot your machine



Now install WDSC7 itself from the folder called WDSC Disc 1 and click on wdsc-install_win32

run wdsc install

Select the options you want to install.

install wdsc


This will retrieve the very latest and final fixes to udpate this to the final version (

After click the button you should see this screen:

isntall wdsc with updates

Now its time to say JUST DO IT!

Follow the prompts and get it installed...

When it asks you to insert a new disk, just enter the next folder name ie: 'WDSC DISC2' then 'WDSC Disk 3' etc etc


5 - Finished

Once the installation is complete, you should re-start WDSC (I prefer to reboot to be on the safe side) to verify it is successful.


wdsc7 with all updates applied Version 7.0.0 Build ID: 20070202_0030

Check you got the final update to


Grab it before its gone.