I need more points on foursquare

  • Posted on: 3 January 2012
  • By: NickLitten

Since stepping forward into the light of smart phones, mobile computing and the world of Android - I've been gripped by quite a few 'apps' and recently, FourSquare is developing into a fun little addiction.

What is Foursquare?

It uses the location ability on your phone (GPS if you want pin point accuracy) to let you know whats around you - shops, pubs, houses, arenas, anything! You check-in to a location when you get there. So, when I go to work I 'checking' to the department at work. My Foursquare friends can see my last check-in. I can also tweet/Facebook these check-ins to share information about what I'm up to and attach photos or notes. It's a great tool for investigating restaurants around you and seeing real users reviews and notes on what's good or bad about these venues.

Where's the fun part?

Find me on FoursquareThe Foursquare chaps added a point's based function that awards you points, prizes and badges for different locations based on various factors like the first time you checking, or the fourth time you checked into a barber shop etc...

This soon blossoms into a fun little competition with your other Foursquare buddies.

It's an addictive scoring system.

How do I improve my High Score?

Don't cheat! I know you would never check-in to a location that you weren't actually at just to grab a few points... /me shudders at the thought of such impertinence ;)

How do the Foursquare points work?

Check in to a new venue - 5 points

Add a new venue to Foursquare - 5 points

Check in to a place you've been before - 1 point

Check in to a place where you are a Mayor - 3 points

Check into a place that is swarming (ie: lots of people are here) get more points..

And many more fun variations.

How can I 'win'?

  • Check in everywhere you go. Burn that phone up. By performing lists of checkins you will build a terrific high scrore (don't neglect repeat checkins as every point counts)
  • Add friends - you get more points for checking in places your 'friends' are at.
  • Add new venues. For example, I always add my office and my home location and check in to each as I go in/out.
  • Don't forget to check into bars, coffee shops, sandwich shops, petrol (gas) stations... if you can't see it on the list - don't create a duplicate! Search for the shops name and add it if it doesn't exist. Five points for adding a location remember.
  • Make sure you either TWEET or FACEBOOK your check-ins. Personally, I only Facebook the ones I deem interesting as I don't want to bug my FB friends.
  • Use the EXPLORE function to find neat places around you and explore the world... try a NEW coffee shops once in a while.  ;)
  • Add tips; mark them as done when you've done somebody else's tips.

Foursquare is extremely useful, fun and simple to use.

"Hi, my name is Nick. I'm a Foursquare Addict"