Windows Server 2003 free anti virus from clamwin - opensource rocks

  • Posted on: 16 May 2009
  • By: NickLitten

Anti-Virus software and a Firewall are absolutely essential in order to avoid having your computer system hacked, disabled, or worse. There are a variety of sources these attacks can originate from, such as web pages, usb sticks floppy disks, compact discs and e-mail attachments.

So, after just setting up my home home office server, and opting for Windows Server 2003. Yes I know I should probably have played with something like Ubuntu Server - but I had a licensed version of Server2003 and as I'm specifically interested in playing with Microsoft BizTalk it kind of made sense.

Even tho server is fairly robust and I wont be surfing much I always like the peace of mind of running an antivirus application on any system thats windows based or has gaping great big flag waving 'hack me please' applications like Internet Exploder on them. My personal favourite is AVG anti-virus but it doesnt install on Windows Server 2003. Aaaargh!!!!!

However, help was at hand because I found a great free opensource version called Clamwin. ClamWin is an open source product and so is completely free. It has no active scan. Combine it with Winpooch Watchdog which adds an active antivirus scan using ClamWin's internal virus definitions and you can have a decent anti-virus running on your server.

From the CLAMWIN website:

What is the SOAP Web Service

  • Posted on: 14 April 2009
  • By: NickLitten

Only ten years late, I'm finally getting involved with some BizTalk Web Services from the AS400 (sorry IBM i - *cough*). Fantastically exciting stuff after my time in the AS400/Web Wilderness and not getting my hands really deep into any techie goo. BizTalk sounds functionally similar to MQ Series so far, but getting my hands into some new Web Services, XML and BizTalk is thrilling.

Streaming data from a manufacturing production line straight to a website... oooh the excitement!! And I'm not even being sarcastic.  :)

I'm off to RPGWORLD to learn all about Web Programming specifically on the IBM i in a few weeks and shortly thereafter am starting on a related project for a high profile customer. It's going to be a great case of merging existing knowledge with lots of new technical goodies to hopefully build something special. I'm very excited.

Does that make me a nerd?

So, anyway, I found a great article on SOAP vs. REST which is one of the many things I need to get upto speed on - so if youre into this sort of thing:


Web Services, Part 1: SOAP vs. REST

By Brennan Spies - Posted on May 2nd, 2008

Touchgraph and Facebook - drag, drop, twiddle, poke and scrape your lunchbreak away

  • Posted on: 1 April 2009
  • By: NickLitten

Touchgraph is a very neat little Java Application that lets you link data in a graphical way and explore and drill down into the data. TouchGraph's powerful visualization solutions let you discover relationships between people, organizations and ideas. It's a million times more interesting than a spreadsheet and luckily there is a very cool Facebook implementation which is great because

  • its free (I love that word!)
  • it automatically links in all your friends and shows their photos and the relationship between your friends and their photos
  • its strangely compelling and you will find yourself wasting time by just dragging things around
  • you can then upload any of these pictures straight into your facebook pictures album

Setup the Facebook application here -

Here it is in operation:

Google Chrome Browser has speedier faster zippier new beta

  • Posted on: 26 March 2009
  • By: NickLitten

I love the Google Chrome Browser.

I will love Chrome even more when all the bugs are sorted out.  ;)

Google must be listening to feedback from it's users as it's broken its product down into a production, beta and development edition. With reported performance improvements and code stability across the board it can only be a good thing. Will it overtake Internet Explorer or Firefox? Only time will tell

Boo Hoo

  • Posted on: 12 March 2009
  • By: NickLitten

Drupal seems to have completely and utterly wet the bed.... Aaaargh..... pee's dripping.

It's lost all the basic website information, configuration information for some of the modules (FCKEDITOR, LOCATION, UBERCART to name a few) as well the SEARCH function has suddenly completely died.

really weird!

Time for some offline maintenance and try to get to the bottom of it....

I dont know my job title and I dont know the name of the computer I work with

  • Posted on: 26 February 2009
  • By: NickLitten
atari was not an ibm machine

OK, so just what the heck DO we call the AS400 nowadays?

On a few blogs and forums this topic is frequently raising its head. It seems to be a bone of contention with virtually every IBM 'thingie' System developer out there.

Personally, I'm having a tough job getting away from calling it 'The 400'. The Application System/400 was born hot on the tails of the System/38. Bit of a boring name for such a great computer server, but Hey - it was easily shortened to the AS400 and the name made sense!

Then came various incarnations of eServers, followed by the nSeries denominations. I've tried calling it the iSeries for a long time now but it... just... doesnt... work for me. Here I am, struggling to stop myself saying mentioning that dreaded word that is 1 higher than 399, getting used to saying The iSeries (or occasionally, on rare flamboyant moments, the System i) and I've just been corrected by some young IBM i whippersnapper.

simple way to show youtube videos from inside a drupal website

  • Posted on: 18 February 2009
  • By: NickLitten

OK, so thats weird: Taking a video of myself writing a blog about how to embed Youtube video inside an article, page or blog entry on a drupal website while I'm writing it. It's left me with a weird kind of Groundhog day feeling...

Anyway, I've struggled with this often enough and after talking to Rob (of Drums the Word fame) I thought I would knock up a quick, dirty and simple example of my preferred technique for embedding Youtube videos.

There are a few techniques for embeddin media but probably the easiest is to use the copy/paste technique. Luckily fo rus - Youtube provides a nice little piece of HTML code that can be pasted into your drupal article...

Rob in Action:

As you can see - the final video result is simple to work with and looks good on a drupal page.

You can customize the size, color and wether or not it shows related videos with a simple copy/paste.

upload all outlook email to google gmail or hotmail and keep everything in one place

  • Posted on: 15 February 2009
  • By: NickLitten

So, having recently gone through my seemingly annual exercise of backup, format, install, restore of my laptop, I was prompted to actually sit down and sort out my various backups, network drives and data stored randomly on various desktop and laptop systems. It's [shock horror] actually all kind of neat and tidy now... all documents, pictures, videos centralized on my network server and mirror offline/mirrored copy running on this laptop. So, if I travel and make changes, when I come home and connect to the home network - those changes are automatically reflected onto my server = no more fears of data loss. :cool:

The one problem here was email... more specifically how to keep email synchronized across various machines.

Like most of you, I've used various iterations of Outlook over the years and have built up a collection of old emails that I want to keep for memorabilia. Some of these emails hold sentimental value. Some are just interesting. Some funny. Some just plain weird.

I hated Office2007 so have recently converted to the free email client - Mozilla Thunderbird.

How to find if an IBM i (as400) program is interactive or batch - RPG API example

  • Posted on: 28 January 2009
  • By: NickLitten

Any program can easily find out the mode it is running in by calling an IBM supplied *API - which will return the status of the job we are running. Basically, we just have to teach our program to shout "Hey Dude - am I running in batch or what?" and then the dark lord IBMi will answer "My son, you are running interactive! Dont be resource greedy... and don't call me Dude"

So, lets go through an example of a simple Service program to do this. The module below, INTERACT, determines whether your program is running in interactive or batch mode:

H NoMain

D #Interactive PR N
D DummyPrm 1 Options( *Omit )

P #Interactive B Export
D #Interactive PI N
D DummyPrm 1 Options( *Omit )

* Local variables
D RetdInfDs DS
D 4
D 10I 0 Inz( %Size( RetdInfDs ) )
D RiJobType 61 61
D RiTypeInteractive...
D C 'I'
D LenRetdInf S 10I 0 Inz( %Size( RetdInfDs ) )
D FmtName S 8 Inz( 'JOBI0100' )
D QlJobName S 26 Inz( '*' )
D IntJobId S 16 Inz( *Blank )

C Parm RetdInfDs
C Parm LenRetdInf
C Parm FmtName
C Parm QlJobName
C Parm IntJobId

C If RiJobType = RiTypeInteractive
C Return *On
C Else
C Return *Off
C EndIf

P #Interactive E

NOTE: You can see an updated RPGLE/Free version of this module here

Here are the steps for installing and using #Interact:

google outlook blackberry laptop desktop calendar sync

  • Posted on: 25 January 2009
  • By: NickLitten

Keeping calendars in sync has been the bane of my life for quite some time. I've developed this incredibly complex routine for synchronizing my Works Outlook Calendar, with my Blackberry Calendar and then plugging my Blackberry into the Home Laptop and Games Desktop and using that to overwrite whats on there.

Obviously, this is a nightmare to maintain and trying to make sure I have the correct things in my diary had led me to virtually give up.

But wait... help is at hand. Google Calendar Sync is just the simplest and sweetest way of keep things in sync.

If you have an internet connection (or cloud connection as some of the geeks I work with refer to it) then Google's excellent 2-way calendar synchronizing application keeps your Google Calendar and the calendar in Microsoft Outlook perfectly aligned.