Drupal7 MediaGallery Colorbox Integration

  • Posted on: 16 January 2013
  • By: NickLitten

I recently installed the DRUPAL MEDIA GALLERY module and really like it. Finding a simple to conifgure Drupal Image Gallery has been a thorn in my side for an age. This one works nearly perfectly - except it just will not handle COLOROBOX as its image handler because of its inbuilt integration with LIGHTBOX  - a similar function but I prefer the way colorbox looks looks. So before I was forced to unisntall colorbox and integrate lightbox instead, a quick Google search showed me this simply excellent blog post by Paul Junior.

It's not often I repost someone elses blog but this one is just spot on:

Anyone who has tried to user the Media Gallery module on a site that already has the Colorbox module installed will know that they do not play well together.  If you have both modules enabled, create a gallery (with lightbox capabilities) and try to click a thumbnail, the lightbox will not show.

This is because, essentially, Colorbox is being called twice, once by the Colorbox module and second by the Media Gallery module.  To fix this without applying any patches or editing any code, follow these steps:


RPG Debug display large field content

  • Posted on: 15 January 2013
  • By: NickLitten

How to view big fat fields using the RPG Debugger

In my on-going mission to to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks… I learned a neat one today. I was trying to debug an IBMi Web Interface program (IBM RPG/FreeFormat Language) that was blowing the 64k field size limit when reading in an XML string containing hundreds of order lines.

"Yes, I know the upgrading to IBMi 6.1+ will solve the problem and increase the field limit to 16MEG (Yum!) but the client is on v5r4 and I’m stuck with that….”

So, after a little XML cleanup routine I go the field size down below the 64k limit but still had a problem with XML validation. More scratching of head and after running around in debug I discovered that my XML-RPG validation routine didn’t like something at character position 34,381 in the string. Of course, when in debug and you look at a variable it only shows you the first 1000 character of any fields data:


EVAL gReqData                                                         

GREQDATA =                                                            


   1   '<Message source="CWDIRECT" target="CWINTEGRATE" type="CWEmai'

SQL Joins in the world of IBM i - like Join Logical Files but sexier

  • Posted on: 20 December 2012
  • By: NickLitten
learning SQL is a balancing act

In my ongoing mission to use SQL rather than the older style direct file IO (which I will called DDS) - I've found lots of improvements and things that I really like about SQL in general. One of the confusions for me is remembering the SQL'style of describing its functions.

In DDS its a file in SQL its a TABLE

In DDS its Record and Field in SQL its a ROW and COLUMN

Thats the easy but but remember the various ways you can join two files together (called a JOIN LOGICAL FILE in DDS) but SQL offers us some rich and easy ways of joining everything, partial matches or even things that dont match. Here is a snippet of a great article from the coding horror website:

A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins

How to fix the RPG SEU HANDLER problem

  • Posted on: 19 December 2012
  • By: NickLitten

The “The keyword is not recognized; keyword is ignored.” is because SEU syntax checking is frozen at the 6.1 level for RPG. IBM is no longer providing updates. The HANDLER keyword was added to RPG after the support for SEU was withdraw. This means that SEU does not recognize the HANDLER keyword as valid, but it is valid and the compiler is very happy about it. IBM wants you to stop using SEU and switch to it's (expensive) code editor - Rational Developer for i.

You can ignore the SEU syntax warning when entering this new keyword, save the source and compile as normal.

how to make a quick simple and tasty Indian Curry

  • Posted on: 18 December 2012
  • By: NickLitten

Hello... my name is Nick litten and I am a curry-a-holic.

I was talking to a colleague yesterday and he asked what I missed most about England. I didnt even need to hesitate in answering the Good old Anglo/Indian Curry (closely followed by 'the local boozer').

I've now been on this side of the pond for nearly four years and have still yet to find an Indian Restuarant that comes close to The Surrey Tandoori for their excellent Chicken Patia or my late night favourite the Diwan-E-Khas, where I would stroll every week for a post-pub noshup. My mouth is watering just remembering.....

I love to make my own little spicey dishes of random stuff. Everything ranging from my vesion of a Curried Duck to a pot of left overs with lots of chillis and spices. The Hotter the Better!

Randomly surfing looking for inspiration for this evenings meal I stumbled across this excellent little page talking about how to make a simple curry sauce which can be cooked with anything... just add chicken, pork, vegetables, seafood, etc... Yummy!:

Best way to setup EXTPRC using Turnover at V5R4

  • Posted on: 14 December 2012
  • By: NickLitten

Question: How do I promote External Procedure using Turnover and get them to automatically *REPLACE on the destination machine?

Answer: Like this!

The problem here, is that SQL Stored Procedures have no equivalent of *REPLACE on the CREATE PROCEDURE statement (they do in IBMi 6.1+). That's easy - "just add a Drop to line one of the SQL source code" I hear you say... Well its not that easy in Turnover either. Adding a DROP to the SQL, while using IBMi V5R4 issues a Severity 20 warning message and unfortunately a SEV(20) causes the Turnover SQL Promotion to *FAIL.  Aaaarrrgh!

But wait... help is at hand. We just need to over-ride the default SQL *EXTPRC command to only fail if the severity breaches 20. How about we set it at 25? Luckily thats easy to do:

1 - Set 25 Default

Setup Turnover to over-ride the default severity on the TRUNSQLSTM command (this is the command that Turnover runs to create stored procedures during promotions).

So, launch Turnover and goto - DEV | ADMIN | Type Codes and select EXTPRC.

How to see which forms were ran from a specific Turnover Application?

  • Posted on: 12 December 2012
  • By: NickLitten

The answer is "YES"

Here is the green screen (5250) way of doing it.

1 - Go into Turnover main menu using cmd(TURNOVER)

2 - Option 6. Work with Forms

3 - Press F17(Filters) and enter the Filter information you want to look for

When you press enter you will see just the FORMS that satisfy that particular filter condition.




once an AS400 always an AS400

  • Posted on: 11 December 2012
  • By: NickLitten

I was reading an interesting thread on Linkedin this morning, discussing another article about the much loved AS/400

Being as I am an old-school S/34, S/36, S/38 guy from back in the Reagan/Bush days ~ I will still call it “the 400” ~ (iSeries / Series i / Power systems never caught on with me). The original “Silverlake” project started over 25 years ago, and the 400 is still cranking. I raised my children from diapers to degrees while programming on this durable box.

There have been many improvements to the 400, heck IBM even switched it from plain ugly tan to cool sleek black – but the fundamental machine is still the same. It has not tried to be something that it is not. The 400 has not been “improved” beyond what is reasonable. It has remained as steady (and ubiquitous) as the ordinary cup holder – which is pretty extraordinary these days.

[original article]

Windows 8 Shortcut - Win+PrtScrn

  • Posted on: 19 November 2012
  • By: NickLitten


Windows Key + PrintScreen: Screen capture

I've long used the SHIFT-ALT-PRINTSCREEN technique to capture screen shots in Windows XP thru 7.

But in Windows8 there is a new PrtSc function - when you press WindowsWindows-PrtSc it not only captures the screen but also saves the screen short as a PNG FILE into the Screenshots folder located in your picture library.

The old methods of a simple copy to the clipboard can also be used by pressing the PrtScrn key or Alt-PrtScrn for the active window only.


Update WebSphere Development Studio Client to Version

  • Posted on: 16 November 2012
  • By: NickLitten

So, you've installed WDSC7 now what?


1 - Automatically update to WebSphere Development Studio Client, Version

Install the fix pack with the same user account that installed the product.


  • WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries, Version 7.0,,,, or must be installed.
  • The product cannot be open when you install this fix pack.

To find and install WebSphere Development Studio Client, Version as an update: