how to import OPML playlist into Juice

  • Posted on: 10 July 2013
  • By: NickLitten

This week I be mainly listening to:

Music... schmoozic!

When I'm programming and need some musical background sounds, I tend to prefer acoustic tinkering, mellow electronica or even a dose of classical from time to time. I simply reach for Pandora and let it do its magic. 

But when its a voice I want to hear either muttering in the background or actively engaging my forebrain I reach for my podcast list (during last years Transamerica drive I listened to 30+ hours of downloaded radio shows from the UK. I can honestly say, it made the journey more enjoyable and had me laughing out loud on a number of occasions with my traveling companion, Bailey the super dog, looking at me quizzically).

This blog and link of my regularly exported OPML file is really just for me. To give me somewhere to store my OPML file - what is this? It's a kind of data file storing all my podcast subscriptions. It can be imported, and exported from Juice so I can always just download this copy onto any new device and run a synch to get lots of listening material.

If you're wondering what I'm listening to this week:

I remember the IBM AS400

  • Posted on: 9 July 2013
  • By: NickLitten

Discussing a data interchange process with a software vendor today (who shall remain nameless), they told me that their product could talk to an AS400 but had no experience of iSeries or IBM i.... *sigh*

I am not telling you the company name because I can tell you they are idiots... ahh thats better:

  • The IBM AS400 hardware with OS400 operating system was around 20 years ago!
  • The IBM ISERIES with i5/OS operating system was around 10 years ago!
  • The IBM Power System with IBM i operating system has been the market leader for 5+ years

/me mutters 'DUH' and slaps himself on the forehead

what is an as400 and how is it 25 years old

IBM have manufactured many diverse computer systems over the years... the IBM AS/400 (Application Server 400) was the model they released, following the massive success of the IBM System/36 and System/38. I remember when I first got to play with my first ever AS/400 model -- the B30 -- it was this kind of huge super computer, the size of a room, all shiny and white like a prop from '2001 a Space Odyssey' . Connected with Twinax, or this cool new network concept called 'Twinax' which eventually lost out to the cheeky competitor; Ethernet. It could talk to its usual dumn terminals and even... shock... could *talk* to those modern things called 'personal computers'. The AS/400 was cool modern and futuristic. It was around for a few years, enjoyed major success but as hardware abilities bloomed, it was soon upgraded and replaced by its successor the IBM iSeries in the late 1990's. Yep -- over ten years ago (nearly twenty years ago). 

download and synchronise outlook calendar with google gmail

  • Posted on: 24 June 2013
  • By: NickLitten
download gcalsync
UPDATE OCTOBER 2014: A few months ago, Google announced they were discontinuing Google Sync and Google Calendar Sync. These applications were designed to synchronize Gmail accounts with Outlook, various devices and other software via Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol. That time has come and I found that this free google sync stopped working properly. I now use an alternative to keep everything synced. More details here

So, before Google calendar synch vanishes from the digital world:

This is how you easily setup your Google calendar and outlook calendar to synchronize with each other.

If you make an entry in outlook and it appears in your Google calendar and vice versa. Edit a diary entry in either - the changes are reflected. Very cool. and very free  :)

The original free version of Google Calendar Sync (v still works for me and is attached to this post. Download it and install.

Once installed, simply enter your Google account email address and decide how you want to synchronize it. I choose 2-way synch:

RPG coding tip #73 - using [H SPEC COPYRIGHT]

  • Posted on: 20 April 2013
  • By: NickLitten

RPG4 (or RPGLE as its sometimes known) has a neat and little used header specification command called 'COPYRIGHT'

Presumably, this h-spec function was originally implemented by IBM so that software houses can embed their object copyright within the program source. But us RPG developers are a resourceful lot, and the copyright statement is an excellent way of storing the current modification version of any given program object. 

rpg programming hint

Growing up in Aldershot

  • Posted on: 16 April 2013
  • By: NickLitten

I used to walk this route daily to get to school... but backwards... School was Heron Wood (near where you started) and home was in the old Military housing, Willems Park (which used to be near Asda where you finished). Thanks for the memory jogger   :)

Must try and find some old pictures of WIllems Park... it was a rather grim 60's style tower block but great fun for kids to run around and create mayhem:

Willems Park block was army married quarters on Wellington Avenue. It was built about 1964 and demolished in the 1990s, to be replaced by houses again used as married quarters. It was built on the parade grounds of the old cavalry barracks. 

Bloody Boris the Landrover

  • Posted on: 22 March 2013
  • By: NickLitten

Bloody sparkie thing... so I'm just not brave enough or (the real reason) rich enough to start switching out the electrical components yet... but maybe next month...

Boris refused to start again... so we decided to say SCREW IT and rented a rather pleasing little black Jeep Wrangler. Way to expensive but sometimes it's worth it for a weekend of reliable motoring. Of course, the fact that I own my own car means that maybe I should use my car rather than rent one. But... if wishses were horses then beggers would ride.

After returning the kids and returning the rental car I was thinking about ways to FOOL the landrovers engine management system into starting and stumbled onto this solution:

So... I think I just *may* have found a solution to this intermittent starting problem.

I'm going to try this same technique for the next month or so and will report back if anything changes.... *sigh*

Is the Land Rovers engine haunted?

  • Posted on: 12 March 2013
  • By: NickLitten

After the last bout of engine work (replacing the crank sensor thing) Boris was nice for nearly 3 months... before acting up again. Although a lot less frequently.... Up until this month hes only refused to start once every few weeks... I've been just living with it.

Last month he had major sulk and left me stranded on several occasions... I left him at another LR specialist in San Francisco who could not reproduce the starting problem (imagine that!)

Luckily he happened to break down within an hour of me collecting him from the garage and they came straight out... saw him refusing to start.. plugged in a spark plug tester and it started first time. The same thing happened a few days later... plugged in a sensor and it started again.

I had a kind of "aha" moment.... so left the plastic cover off the top of the engine so I could get to the sparks quickly when it happens again.

he's been good for 2 weeks now.... including a cross country drive back to here (Folly Beach, SC)

This morning it happened again..

But this time... is there a spark of light at the end of the long dark tunnel of Landrover ownership? (pun fully intended)

Living on the edge of america @ Folly Beach South Carolina

  • Posted on: 10 March 2013
  • By: NickLitten
Teagan Litten on Folly Beach

Last week was an exciting one... driving from San Francisco to Las Vegas on Friday (including the obligatory but less than amusing Boris Breakdown)... packing and loading my moving truck on Saturday/Sunday and then driving across country to my new home here at Folly Beach, South Carolina.

I've moved to Folly for the next six months or so... exciting summer ahead!

Unpacking was fun, courtesy of three little helping hands (Nate, Fin and TIggy) and four little paws (Bailey) and now a week later I'm delighted to say that I'm mostly settled. Pictures on the wall, wireless network up and floating around the beach air, media server is serving and the coffee maker is bubbling.

Bailey the super dog is getting his regular walks around the neighbourhood and I'm feeling myself de-stress on a near hourly basis. No wonder folks who live at the beach have this perpetually smug, self amused and content look to them.... Life is Good!