Bullworker - isometric strength and fitness

  • Posted on: 4 November 2006
  • By: nicklitten

My latest website project - the re-branding and relaunch of the Bullworker Europe website has taken it's most significant step forward today: BULLWORKER [EUROPE] is alive!

BULLWORKER is the essential isometric site on the web; expanding its product range to include Bullworker, Boworker, Steelbow and Isokinator fitness lifestyle products. (with still more to come on the run-up to Christmas 2009)

Double Entendre

  • Posted on: 11 June 2006
  • By: nicklitten

No idea where this came from.. its old... very old... late 1980's I think... very rude but did make me chuckle in places.

Double Entedre:

Last weekend I was in the house on my own and had already ‘knocked a few out’ including a couple of ‘arm breakers’ when I decided there was more to life than ‘burping the worm’ all the time.

My ‘blue veined hooligan’ had been getting a bit sore lately as a result, and it was therefore time for my ‘womb broom’ to experience a bit of action and give ‘kojak’s money box’ a chance to ‘shoot some filthy yoghurt’ into some bird's ‘furry letter box’.  ‘Bashing the Bishop’ is OK but not to the extent I had been doing it.

So, in preparation for a night on the town with the boys, I ‘baked one’ for a few hours and finally allowed myself the ecstasy of ‘releasing the chocolate hostage’.  It’s funny, as soon as the ‘pace car’ is away the rest come roaring out of the pits behind it. As a rule I generally ‘clip a cuban’ twice a day.

Keeping Computers Happy since 2002

  • Posted on: 22 September 2004
  • By: nicklitten

Computer Medix provide a broad range of computer services in the Low Country.

If your computer is in need of an upgrade, virus/spyware removal, or is "just plain sick" then I can help.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience, I can handle anything PC-related from repairs and virus removals through to webdesign and building a custom computer to fit your needs.

Why use me rather than your nearest big computer store?

This is simpe - As your neighbour I will guarantee that I can be there promptly, give you an A1 Service, explain the problem and show you (if your interested ;) ) exactly how I fixed the problem.

Of course, this will also be cheaper than any competitor in the area.

Third Party Software - Chicago IBMi (AS400) JBA Consultant

  • Posted on: 21 January 2003
  • By: nicklitten

toby schofield third party software Mr Toby Schofield is a very old JBA colleague of mine. He is now working in the USA, based in Chicago, and as he has helped me out so much over the years (with his excellent advice on random questions regarding the aging JBA ERP system, frequently involving a late note phonecall from me) I offered to return the favor by building him a simple website.

Based on the Drupal6 platform, this website is to showcase his talents and build a framework that he can learn Drupal CMS programming.

Thanks Tobes!