What are the different types of IFS Folder?

The IBMi I.F.S. (Integrated File System) is a terrific part of the operating system which lets us consolidate our native IBMi data and give access to it from other, different, file systems. It lets us access Native IBMi data from internal and external processes. The IFS is a repository for different types of data that native IBMi users or disparate network clients attached to the IBMI can access. In non-geek this means “it’s a way of using IBMi data like it’s on a windows PC”

Whats good about the IFS?

I love the IFS and it’s a sometimes under-utilized function of the AS400… wait… iSeries… erm.. System-i? Ahh that’s right… it’s the IBMi operating system running on an IBM Power Server. This week. *cough*