Dirty Hack of the WDSC Turnover V100 plugins

It's Dirty but it works!

So this is a technique that I discovered while trying to get WDSSC7.0.0.8 working with the April 2013 build of Turnover V100 Windows Client. This works but I wouldn't recommend it as this is a much simpler solution. Well.. while we are waiting for Unicom to release a backward compatible plugins selection for Turnover V100. Assuming they ever will of course :(

If you absolutely must have the latest iteration of the standard Turnover V100 client - then you could try this. I wouldn't recommend this technique as it is blending both versions, but it does work. Use at your own risk.

But wait we can trick it into working with our old WDSC install. It's fairly straightforward but a little fiddly:

  1. Install WDSC
  2. ​Install the latest V100 Client
  3. Replace the Plugins from this new V100 client with the *older* ones
  4. Tada! It works lovely... maybe... try at your own risk  :)


Then lets go...


Fix WDSC Turnover V100 extension problems

Having Extension Problems?

Did Viagra not help in any way shape or form?

Then you have come to the right place.

If you are seeing compatibility errors, perspective crashes or white screen of death when trying to open Turnover from within WDSC then this might just help. I've had a horrible time trying to get WDSC7 Turnover Perspective working when using the latest download of the Turnover Client.

turnover error

I finally figured out a simple way of fixing it (detailed here) and also discovered a more complicated and dirty way of getting it to work (at the bottom but not recommended)


If you install the latest 2013 version of the Turnover Client - you will soon find it does not support the old WDSC7. It seems that it supports the newer IBM Rational Developer product line, and compatibility with WDSC has ben rudely thrown in the trash.


How to add the Turnover V100 Perspective to WDSC7


So we already agree that using WDSC for IBM i software editing, for free, is pretty cool. But, adding Turnover V100 to it, so you can do everything from one place is even cooler. Once we have added the Turnover perspective to our existing WDSC7 setup then we can flick between perspectives to edit/compile source code, then check in/out of turnover worklists.


1 - Install WDSC

I am going to assume you have already done this. If not then just follow these instructions. Come back here when you're done


2 - Install Turnover V100 Client

Run the latest Turnover Client Install from your V100 ISO Disk or download it from http://support.softlanding.com  

note: the client software is in the DOCSCLIENT.iso and can be found here \Clients\Software - ISO 9660 archive, unpacked size 290,146,213 bytes

To install just execute the T100client.exe:

Tweak WDSC7 to run faster

WDSC7 is the coolest (free) editor for RPG/CL programmers on the IBM i operating system. We know that right? But it's still annoyingly clunky to use at times, Unless you free it up to use some more memory and let it run free... like a gazelle... even if its a little bit of a parky gazelle...

Increase WDSC memory allocation is as simple as this. Edit the configuration file at C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP70\eclipse.ini and increase the XX:MaxPermSize in eclipse.ini from 512M to something bigger... 1024M? 1512M? 2048M? I use 1512M and it works great so make your INI file look like this:


C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP70\jdk\jre\bin\javaw.exe











Update WebSphere Development Studio Client to Version

So, you've installed WDSC7 now what?


1 - Automatically update to WebSphere Development Studio Client, Version

Install the fix pack with the same user account that installed the product.


  • WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries, Version 7.0,,,, or must be installed.
  • The product cannot be open when you install this fix pack.

To find and install WebSphere Development Studio Client, Version as an update:

Download and Update WebSphere Development Studio Client WDSC7 for free

I'm an IBMi Developer - do I choose SEU, RSE or WDSC?

If your caught between using SEU (Stoneage Editting Utility) and RSE (Really Stupidly Expensive) for your IBM-i code development environment - you have one other glaringly obvious choice - WDSC (Wonderful Double Super Codetool).

Personally, I like WDSC because its $FREE and I'm cheap :)

This was the last iteration of the Websphere Development suite before IBM, rebuilt and rebranded it as the 'Rational Developer Tool' and decided to charge $900 per copy. For Freelance RPG Programmers like me that just puts the tool completely out of my budget. how could IBM possibly justify $900 for a single code editor application that was previous free. Compare this to Microsoft MSDN charges where I gladly pay $300 for a license for every single piece of Microsoft Software out there! That is a big thumbs up for MSDN subscriptions and a big raspberry for IBM's RDi/p costs.

how to install SDA and RLU alternative GUI with WDSC

WDSC is a terrific graphical Coding Tool for the IBMi - Best in class of the 'free as400 coding' tools. For editing RPG and/or CL its a no brainer. Clean screen editing and a whole bunch of very cool tools that simply blow the old SEU environment out of the water.

"But what about the old SDA warhorse" I hear you ask.

Perhaps some of you are even, secretly, using RLU for your printer file layouts. (RLU gets a bad rap imho - I kinnd of like it, but thats another story completely)

SDA/RLU with WDSC 7 SDA is very easy to use with WDSC, once you have found out how to get it running: The WDSC-SDA component is called 'CODE Designer' and is included on one of the CDs distributed with WDSC 7.0. However, it's not installed by the WDSC installer. I dont know why its not installed by default - IBM are a bit crazy like that.

After WDSC is installed, you have to put the CODE CD into the drive and run the install program for that CD. WDSC 7.0 includes CODE and it works just fine on Win XP, Vista and Win7 (as I have it running on all three versions)

WDSC SDA Installation WDSC 7.0 has 9 cds - but the pack should have an additional 5 CD's - one of them will say "for Windows Operating Syste Optional Software This CD-ROM contains the following: CoOperative Develpment Environment and VisualAge RPG V6.0 component installation. That's the CD you're looking for.

IBMi + WDSC7.0 + TN5250 = Wow Squared!

WebSphere Development Tools for the IBMi is Very Very Very Cool!

I've just installed WDSC7.0 for the first time (/me ducks from the barrage of rotten fruit launched at him from the rowdy-RDi-crowd) and have almost had a religious experience with it.

For years I've been feverishly hammering away in S.E.U. and P.D.M. mistakenly thinking that I just haven't got the time to learn a new G.U.I for writing RPG and CL programs on the IBMi.

Look at that - I used WDSC, RDi, SEU, PDM, GUI and IBMi all in the same paragraph ;) but at least I never used the word leverage or any other business junk phrases like lets run that idea up the flagpole and see who salutes

SEU: Stoneage Entry Utility

As I drag myself, kicking and screaming, out of the green-on-black middle ages and into the sunny clear skies of 21st century web enabled coding, I find myself seriously confused about what tools I should use to write this new fangled code. There are so many out there, some established while I've been floundering around with my SEU Source editor and many new and leading edge applications just to confuse things further: WDSC? Rdi? Code400? Eclipse? Websphere? Mocha? Frontpage? and many many more acronyms and weird and wonderful names spring to mind.

Recently, I've tried a few but it was the efforts of Mihael (the guy developing the wonderful RPG/Next-Generation application) that has finally inspired me to invest some time and figure out what its all about.

As it seems to be one of the most common, my IDE of choice is.... drum roll please... yes IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment... yes thats just a complicated way of saying 'Code Editor'... anyway... *cough*... it's ECLIPSE!