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Jul 26

Tagadelic for drupal

Website , Drupal

Those KEYWORD CLOUDS that you see on some websites are cool aren’t they!?! They’re also very simple to use in Drupal… but as I discovered… not so simple to setup. Or at least to find out how to setup anyway. So, for my failing memory and for anyone else out there that this may assist […]

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Jul 18

Bank Holiday Monday and Spain seems so far away


After our fantastic family vacation @ Uncle Buck’s villa in Monte Pego, Spain. We discovered the delights of lunchtime by the pool with a selection of tapas and a jug of chilled Sangria! Now we are back in England, it’s a Sunny (yes I know this is a rare thing!) bank holiday, the neighbours are […]

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Jul 10

Mapping visitors to the website

Programming , Website

Just for the geeky / nerdy / techie / cone heads among us some wonderful websites allow a simple installation of free website maps. This little bits of fluff show the location of visitors to the website from all over the globe. It’s one of those self gratifying things that makes you think "oooh, someone from the Antarctic has just read my blog"

I’ve narrowed it down to 2 favourites and will be running one or the other over the next few weeks until I decide which one I like the best.

The first is:

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