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Oct 27

The Project Charter


This is the first step in the initiating group and is a process called “developing the project charter”.┬áIt’s a high level overview of all the factors that are leading into the project and the inputs to the charter are normally documented decisions. This is normally written by the project sponsor or whoever initiated the project. […]

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Oct 24

The great Viagra, Cialis, Acomplia swindle

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So, It’s thursday lunchtime and I’ve just wasted an hour of my life sifting through the thousands of website comments and deleting the spam. 99.9% of it was adverts for (yes, you’ve guessed it) various small blue pills and lotions promising monstrous erections and the ability to proudly say “Hung like BULL

What is it with these horrid companies generating internet spam and splashing it around the website?    Ooooh… it gets my blood pressure raising – AND I DIDNT EVEN NEED A PILL TO DO IT!!!

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Oct 14

The importance of using quality people on your IT project


Randomly surfing around the web this morning I stumbled across an interesting page from an Australian IT Recruitment company. One of their guys had writen a piece on the importance of using quality people on your project from grass roots to upper echelons. It’s a good read with a humourous but all too accurate twist:



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