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Oct 14

The RPG Logic Cycle

IBM i , AS400 , iSeries , Programming , RPG

The RPG LOGIC CYCLE is the backbone of the old RPG programming language. It’s use has faded in recent years but it should still be known and understood by every modern RPG language Developer 😉 So, regardless of whether you want to code modern or *cough* old style…. lets see what the ‘RPG Logic Cycle’ […]

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Oct 10

What is an RPG Copybook?

IBM i , Programming , RPG

A copybook is a technique that us RPG PROGRAMMERS use to suck in piece of re-useable code without having to type it every time into lots of programs. A typical use of a copybook might be something like this scenario: Every program within an application uses the *LDA (Local Data Area) to store specific pieces […]

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