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Nov 12

What is a physical and logical file in the AS400 Database

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What is the IBM i Database?

IBM i has a database which stores data in files. These are called physical files.

The Physical file stores the actual data.

The data is written to a physical file in arrival sequence. This data can be accessed by RRN (relative record number) where the first entry on the file (also known as a table) is relative record number 1. ie: the first record in the file. The next record is RRN=2 then RRN3 and so on.

If you want to access the data using a sequence of something on the file (for example CUSTOMER sequence) then you would design and create a logical view of this physical file specifying that you want it sequenced by customer.

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Nov 07

Is the new beta of Windows live Mail, Calendar and Messenger the best Outlook alternative yet?


Loving the new Beta release of LIVE MESSENGER and the LIVE EMAIL Client.

I’ve been a big fan of Microsoft Messenger since the 90’s and my early experiences of Yahoo messenger, ICQ (whatever happened to that?) and Trillian. More recently I exclusively use SKYPE for my VOIP and occasional chatter to clients and/or other skype community members, but still prefer messenger for keeping in to contact with friends and family.

It’s latest incarnation (Live Messenger) is the best yet and this Beta makes things even cuter.

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