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Apr 25

how to use html images with google gmail signature


Are you annoyed that gmail only lets you setup a very dull email signature? I personally think that flat format text signatures are long winded and just fill emails with thousands of words of *cough* crap. I especially hate people who waste hundreds of bytes of storage with instructions “not to print this email because […]

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Apr 19

Flashback to the 90’s when shooting monsters was cool


When I was younger I swore it would never happen to me… but it has… Policemen are looking younger, kids have no respect for their elders, pubs play music too loud, I wake up early on the weekends, I find myself choosing shoes based on comfort rather than style and I am turning into my Dad.


Wait though, in an effort to reclaim my lost youth, I stumbled across this excellent web-based version of the classic 90’s game DOOM. This DOS shoot em up that started the whole Quake, Halo genre can be played online in a neat Flash format game at In all its VGA beauty:

Ahhh, the joys of all those lost lunch hours in the office, running around a blocky-graphiced maze shooting monsters and looking for the BFG. In the days when I remember extolling this game as the absolute leading edge graphics for my wonderful little laptop… A months wages for a black and white 9inch DSTN screen, a 386-25Mhz processor with a whopping 4mb of ram. Great fun…

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