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Dec 19

Pay I.T. forward

IBM i , Life , Programming , Webservice

Wow! It’s December already! After a whirlwind year involving moving the whole family, two dogs and a pile of News 3x/400 magazines to this side of the pond I cant believe it’s nearly 2010 already. Two thousand nine has seen us settling into our new life in the US, focussing mainly on IBMi and I […]

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Dec 15

IBMi + WDSC7.0 + TN5250 = Wow Squared!

Programming , AS400 , IBM i , iSeries

WebSphere Development Tools for IBMi is Very Very Very Cool! I’ve just installed WDSC7.0 for the first time (/me ducks from the barrage of rotten fruit launched at him from the rowdy-RDi-crowd) and have almost had a religious experience with it. For years I’ve been feverishly hammering away in S.E.U. and P.D.M. mistakenly thinking that […]

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