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Mar 12

another as400 jba date conversion routine

IBM i , AS400 , iSeries , RPG

Here’s the other date conversion – It’s a JBA date (7,0 numeric) to 8 character alpha in JIS format (YYYYMMDD) with no separators. If you want separators in your result then simply expand the result field by 2 characters (to 10) and replace the “0” in the “*jis0” with what ever separator you prefer. Eval […]

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Mar 11

Pretending to play golf in Roanoke VA


So, I played a very enjoyable round of golf at the ‘Ole Monterey Golf Course in Roanoke today. When I say ENJOYABLE what I really mean is… getting lost on the way there due to an incredible idiotic GPS system courtesy of Verizon, arriving late, jumping on golf cart, jumping out of golf cart when […]

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Mar 06

a simple way to re-install drupal modules

Drupal , Website

This website has been running on the Drupal CMS since upgrading from Joomla to Drupal 5 back in 2007. I’ve closely followed each new Drupal release and experienced the teething pains as modules have evolved to the exciting state they are in the moment. Drupal Rocks and I’m eagerly awaiting the new Drupal 7 release (as […]

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