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Ghost, goblins and invisible superbeings
Sep 17

My life online as a Digital Dad


Life online is not the same as living online. There is a fine balance between living your life and spending time dealing with a big chunk of that life revolving around the interweb super highway social media computerized cloud of things. It’s a matter of balance. I’m a Dad foremost (ever father will know what […]

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rename IFS Files
Sep 12

Projex400 Version 5 is well into its third trimester


I’ve been working on the new version of PROJEX400 V5.x over the last couple of months. It’s running very well on one of my IBM Servers at home (the other one is sitting there waiting for me to source a copy of IBMi V5R4 from somewhere) and at least one client site. I’m super busy […]

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