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Jun 24

Druapl and Drupal – spelling and finger malfunctions

Life , Drupal

Why is it that as I get older my fingers, instead of becoming increasingly skillful on the keyboard – they are becoming more and more like a bunch of half-thawed walls sausages. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as passionate about a well cooked sossy-sarnie as the next man… personally I’m all about grilling them to […]

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Jun 20

Bailey 2.0 – Two Point Oh!


I’m still devastated over the death of Bailey and have been through a roller-coaster of emotions trying to decide whether to get another dog or not. Any dog owners out there will know exactly what I’m talking about. In my case, having two dogs and the eldest dying of pure old age and the younger […]

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Jun 08

Zend Framework for RPG programmers

Programming , IBM i

The Zend Framework is a neat thing for letting my RPG programmers brain run a little wild. Yes it’s object Oriented and not (necessarily) that easy to adapt to the linear model that us old schoolers may be used to. But does that mean we can’t adopt it? “Hell No!” – “Adapt and Survive” is […]

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