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Sep 25

When is the DFT keyword in PF used for?


The DFT Keyword is used specify the default value of a field in the Physical File. The format of the keyword is: DFT(‘value’ | numeric-value | X’hexadecimal-value’ | *NULL) Without this keyword, character and hexadecimal fields are set to blanks as default and numeric fields are set to zeros as default. However, if you specify […]

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Sep 11

ISOmetric Health and Fitness with Bullworker

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A few years ago I setup the website for Bullworker UK who were distributing this excellent exercise device called – The Bullworker. It’s a stretchy muscle builder and really does work (honestly!). They sold a few different exercise devices all designed using the principles of ‘isometric exercise’: Bullworker, Steelbow and a German product called the […]

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Sep 11

My voicemail greeting


So, I’ve recently been getting a lot of junk voicemails and in an effort to inconvenience these callers as much as it inconveniences me. It’s time for a long winded and time consuming voice mail greeting. I extended the BEEEP at the end so that it keep on going for the full two minutes before […]

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