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Bailey Litten the Springer Spaniel
Oct 15

RIP Bailey One :(


Bailey, my mischievous English Spring Spaniel, died on October 10th 2010 while spending a weekend with the Grinch (aka the ex-wife). Conspiracy theories are running wild 🙁 She was only four years old. It’s been heart breaking… I got Bailey back in 2007 as a 8 month old pup – rescued from a previous owner […]

More Waffle
Oct 10

Nuclear Engine for IBM System i


Now you can get a single-board nuclear reactor that supplies stand-by power for the IBM System i for 12 years! The QBX-1 nuclear reactor card provides back-up power for up to 12 years. When the card senses a power failure, explosive charges (bolts) eject moderator and control rods from the reactor interior, within 20 micronanopicoseconds, […]

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