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Nov 19

Windows 8 Shortcut – Win+PrtScrn


Windows Key + PrintScreen: Screen capture I’ve long used the SHIFT-ALT-PRINTSCREEN technique to capture screen shots in Windows XP thru 7. But in Windows8 there is a new PrtSc function – when you press WindowsWindows-PrtSc it not only captures the screen but also saves the screen short as a PNG FILE into the Screenshots folder […]

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Nov 12

What does IT Consultant really mean?


I’m not a fan of the ‘IT Consultant‘ moniker because its kind of generic, non-descriptive and dull. Sadly, being called an ‘IT Consultant’ seems to be the industry standard for anyone tinkering with software on these computer things… so maybe I’m stuck with it. 🙁 I prefer describing myself as a Programmer in the same […]

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Nov 01

Boris the Landrover gets a new LR3 crank sensor


Courtesy of the very nice chaps at Kensington Motor Cars here in Las Vegas – A new engine crank sensor! The LR3 crank sensor Now… this might seem like a tiny little bit of plastic and metal but is it the savior or haunted LR3 engines everywhere? After many, many, many discussions with the garage […]

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