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Feb 24

Top five percent linkedin

IBM i , Life , Programming

I got this little digital thumbs-up from LinkedIn, telling me that my LinkedIn profile ranked among the top 5% of most viewed profiles during 2012! Woooo! Queue long armed over the shoulder patting for Moi! I’m in the top 5% of my industry…. Well, that’s not quite true. It’s not even remotely true actually. To […]

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Feb 15

Valentines Day with a Landrover


This year I’m in San Francisco for Valentines Day. Had a lovely time visiting the wine region of Napa, and when Boris refused to start we were prepared. If you choose to spend Valentines day with a Landrover you expect the unexpected. I simply swore and stood around for 30 minutes trying all the tricks […]

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Feb 05

IBM i Users adopting higher authority rights


More questions abvout adopting authority on IBM i SYstems. So lets #discuss 😉 Adopt higher iSeries Authority to change System Configuration Question: I am needing to write a program, command, or whatever, that will enable my users to adopt a higher authority when they want to delete or vary on/off a device. All the users […]

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Feb 05

IBM i #IBMiStepUp

iSeries , AS400 , IBM i

I’ve been working with a new customer recently which means I’m once again, finding myself in the i-vangelist pulpit. I was about to say that I’m tired of responding with “Huh? You said AS400? Do you really still have one of those old machines? I thought IBM stopped making those in the nineties…” but a […]

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