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Apr 28

Boris the Landrover is alive…. *cough* BURP maybe?


So, the Boris the bloody annoying LR3 has been getting worse and worse… it’s at the stage now where I just dont trust it to drive anywhere. When it does start, I just leave it running on the street if I have to go into any stores… because there is simply no guarantee that it […]

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Apr 20

RPG coding tip #73 – using [H SPEC COPYRIGHT]

IBM i , Programming , RPG

RPG4 (or RPGLE as its sometimes known) has a neat and little used header specification command called ‘COPYRIGHT’ Presumably, this h-spec function was originally implemented by IBM so that software houses can embed their object copyright within the program source. But us RPG developers are a resourceful lot, and the H SPEC COPYRIGHT statement is […]

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