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Aug 27

PDM user defined options

IBM i , AS400 , iSeries

Brief: PDM’s user-defined options can enhance your productivity by reducing the need to key frequently used commands. This article offers some practical tips on how to implement user-defined options into your programming environment. PDM’s predefined options allow you to perform various tasks against libraries, objects, and members. But did you know that you can create […]

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Aug 26


IBM i , AS400 , iSeries , Programming

So, an old colleague of mine just asked me: “Nick, I’m going to need your help here, it occurred to me that we don’t have a plan for backing up those Vendor Schedules we turned into pdf’s on the DLS a while back. QDLS is easy but IFS, is it just the same thing really […]

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Aug 16

Land Rover LR3 V6 2006 – the Big Boris Breakdown

IBM i , Life

The Full Boris This damn problem has been going on forever. I’m sick of it. Sick sick sick bleeuuuuurgh! So come on people… someone out there must have a solution? It’s a totally weird starting problem but at least its now showing a repetitive solution. So lets go through it in clear English (well as […]

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Aug 14

F$%#^K#$ing POS Landrover LR3


I am angrier than a very Angry Bird. Boris the Landrover is once again proving that it can refuse to start in nearly every State in the USA… What makes it worse is that last Friday – I just got it back from the Garage who happily told me the problem was fixed. “A new […]

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Aug 08

Caveat Emptor with Boris the Landrover LR3


Just like Lazarus, Boris lives! After last weeks engine death – well kind of choking spluttering whimpering suicide – I waited for the AAA recovery truck and had Boris truck to a local garage that foolishly admitted to working on Landrover. All the time thanking the Gods that I signed up for AAA car recovery […]

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