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Nov 16

Landie breaking down (again) – Landrover Napa Fail


In the never ending quest to break down in every state of the United States of America, Boris the Land Rover most recently refused to run while visiting the beautiful wine regions of California. So, it’s a balmy November day and driving up to California’s wine country should be a fun time right? #WRONG   […]

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Nov 13

Softlanding Turnover – Change Management Roles and Responsibilities

IBM i , Programming , Software Change Management , Turnover

If you are designing the best setup for your Software Change Management system (specifically TURNOVER V100 for iSeries) these notes might help. We have four main user groups: Software Solution Analysts Change Administrators Development Team QA/UAT Team System Authorities We need to clean the IBM I authorities so they correctly let these group members *USE […]

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Nov 12

SQL RPG and the annoying compile COMMIT *NONE thing


Moving to SQL (from native file IO) has been a major game changer in the RPG programming world. SQL can be confusing to learn, horrible to use if it needs lots of compile time parameters but using Exec SQL SET OPTION something answers my prayers. I first played with SQL back the golden days of RPG3 […]

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Nov 07

Telly: English TV still smacks American tellys bum


So, I emigrated over here to the New World (as my redcoat forebears used to call it) five years ago. During this time I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over America, driven coast to coast twice, lived in various States and met many wonderful people. The weather is fantastic and life is good… I […]

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