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Feb 27

Telly: PLEBS chuckling at Romans

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I found this by accident and it’s yet another Telly series which reminds by just how funny and irreverent English TV can be. Plebs is based in Rome at the time of the Roman British invasion – an easy play on the Latin word ‘plebeians’ — and if you don’t know what that word means […]

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Feb 19

Each IBM i Technology Releases is like a vintage sports car


I always wanted a TR6 or even its pointy cheese wedge cousin the TR7… but this blog isnt about that. It’s about the much more geekish IBM i¬†Technology Release for IBM i operating system:¬†Steve Will, IBM i Chief Architect, talks about some of the highlights of #IBMi TR6 and TR7 that were delivered in 2013: […]

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