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May 24

Ghost, goblins and invisible superbeings

Life , Religion

“I have so much in common with people of faith. We only disagree on the existence of 1 out of 3000 gods. They’re nearly as atheist as I am “ Ricky Gervais We are all born atheist. We are all taught the religious belief system of our parents or family members. If you are born […]

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May 10

Alas Poor Boris… aka… DEATH of a Landrover


Boris the Landrover has broken down one final time. This mornings refusal to start (again!!!) was the (yet another!!!) final straw! NOTE ADDED MAY 2014: A few people have asked me how I get him to start each time. It’s simple, but very annoying, embarrassing and just plain irritating. Simply pop the bonnet (American translation […]

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May 06

An Inky RPG Programmer


Time for an inky tattoo touchup… Twenty years ago, while working in the USA for the first time, I found myself sitting in a hotel bored out of my mind and decided to get a Tattoo. Yup, the impetuousness of youth! Saying that, I never regretted it and joinging the ranks as a “tattoo programmer” […]

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