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May 16

How to redirect to a new URL using .htaccess

Programming , Website

“So, I have my name as a domain ( and I want to use as a link to a specific node on the main site – namely my RESUME page at (… I wonder how I can redirect a domain name to a specific page on my website?” Sounds like a simple question but […]

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May 03

RPG Technology Releases for IBM i 7.1 and 7.2


IBM has announced it’s latest round of “technology Refreshes” (aka PTF’s or service packs) for the IBM i operating system. A couple of nice tweaks to RPG are included in TR9 for IBM i 7.1 and TR1 for IBM i 7.2. For RPG, we will have enhanced ALIAS keyword support, and a streamlined DataStructure I/O […]

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