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Feb 29

How to make a quick simple and tasty Indian Curry


Hello… my name is Nick litten and I am a curry-a-holic. I was talking to a colleague yesterday and he asked what I missed most about England. I didnt even need to hesitate in answering the Good old Anglo/Indian Curry (closely followed by ‘the local boozer’). I’ve now been on this side of the pond […]

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Feb 04

How to get T-Mobile 4GLTE working with ATT Samsung Note Edge


So, I’ve been using my trusty Samsung S5 for the last 18 months and have generally been delighted with it. But, I’ve recently found it a little slow when playing #Ingress and decided it’s time to upgrade to something just marginally quicker ahnd (most importantly) with a bigger screen for my sausage like fingers. </drumroll>Enter […]

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Feb 01

DSPF function keys in fully free RPGLE

IBM i , Programming

Picking up user keyboard interactions in RPG is easy But as usual there are many ways of doing it. Three main techniques are (1) Assign a numeric value to the function keys Probably the most common is to assign an indicator value to a function so that CMD01 sets on *IN01, CMD02 sets on *IN02 […]

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