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Oct 30

IBM i 5250 Screen Sizes – Widescreen for the Win!


Back in the good old days (thats programmer-speak for decades ago, when doing anything on a computer was a lot more complicated than it is today)  5250 screen sizes of 24 rows and 80 characters wide seemed like plenty of room. Monitors were green text, on black background, with none of those fancy annoying graphics […]

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Oct 27

Windows Setup for IBM i Developers

IBM i , AS400 , iSeries , Programming , RPG

Every propeller head takes some kind of perverse joy from wiping and reinstalling their Windows Machine. I know I do. After a year of various software installs, un-installs, re-installs, tweaks, hacks, dicking around (that’s a technical term) my Windows machine starts to get twitchy and a little punch drunk. It’s time for a fresh install and […]

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Oct 24

WordPress Gutenberg, you can bugger right off!


The new WordPress editor GUTENBERG is a bit smelly. I've been playing with the GUTENBERG Beta for a while now. A few months ago, I heard about the new editor which was coming to WordPress so decided to give it a go – Sadly, I try it for about ten minutes, decide I don't like […]

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Oct 18

Use RDi to make RPGLE lowercase

IBM i , Programming , RPG , SQL

Internet fact #173 – If you make RPGLE lowercase it looks a lot prettier! If you’ve ever read any of my many waffling techno-blogs about programming with the RPG language you will know that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship IBM’s Rational Developer code editor. But, just sometimes it does really small, but […]

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Oct 17

Sample CLP program template

IBM i , AS400 , iSeries , Programming

IBMi Control Language, Templates and Subroutines Control Language (*CLP) is a wonderful little tool in every IBM i Programmer’s toolkit. Sadly it’s frequently derided, frowned upon and ridiculed by RPG chaps and chappettes. OK, so CL isn’t a full suite business language, but reminds me of learning BBC BASIC back in my school days. I […]

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Oct 11

The State of AS400 iSeries Application Modernization


Typically our aging AS400 and Iseries applications are stateful. So, if we are looking at iSeries application modernization, is it a mistake to try and simply modernize beautify them retaining their stateful flow, or should we be looking at refactoring them in a stateless direction? Is it really a mistake to use a stateful architecture […]

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