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Jun 29

How to copy IBM i IFS folder


AKA – How to copy IBM i IFS folder and all subfolders and documents to a new Location I just upgraded a clients PRESTO Server to the current version 8.1 What is Presto? It’s commonly called an IBM i Modernization Application : Essentially transforming the old fashioned AS400 style Green Screen terminals to modern Webstyle […]

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Jun 25

Using TURNOVER in an IBM i iASP Environment


Unicom (who bought out ‘Softlanding Systems’) recommend upgrading to TURNOVER V101 before implementing iASP technology. The main thing to remember is that you need to set your job, or session, to use the iASP before going into TURNOVER. You can do this by controlling your job with the JOBD ASPGRP or by issing a command […]

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Jun 21

How to move IFS from *SYSBAS into iASP (Independent ASP)


By default, the IFS lives in the *SYSBASE ASP. But, we can move the IFS Directories, and all documents therein, to the iASP location easily: Let’s assume your ASP is called ‘my_iasp’ 1) Vary on iASP WRKCFGSTS CFGTYPE(DEV) CFGD(ASP) 2) Create your new directory on the iASP, if it doesn’t already exist CRTDIR DIR(‘/my_iasp/dir_name’) 3) […]

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Jun 10

Getting the Snip

IBM i , Programming

I got the SNIP recently, but that’s whole different story to this very boring technical one… How to assign a keyboard shortcut to the Windows Snipping Tool I’ve been using the windows snipping tool a lot recently — to capture various 5250 screens and document them. I just remembered how to setup the tool against […]

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