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How to refresh the Pitney Bowes CODE1 Address Database on IBM I without using FTP
Many IBM shops have FTP locked down for supposed security reasons. But before I start ranting about sloppy security measures[...]
Getting the Snip
I got the SNIP recently, but that's whole different story to this very boring technical one... How to assign a[...]
How to instantly add WooCommerce product to cart and check out
WooCommerce is a great ecommerce solution for WordPress websites, but the Woo workflow can feel too long for simple, or subscription[...]
Cleaning up a string of comma separated account numbers in RPGLE
I was emailed a little IBM i programming question this morning: An input parameter @Account is a 100 character string[...]
RPG Divide and Move Remainder – DIV MVR in ILE RPGLE /FREE
This is purely a little memory jogger for me. Nothing to read here move along move along..... I just upgraded[...]
Skeleton RPGLE Trigger Program
Chum of mine was chatting to me about writing a trigger program. So I dug out this old trigger (that[...]
How to increase upload file size limit in WordPress
I've asked myself this question way too often. I run websites on several different webhosts and frequently run into the[...]
Update IBM i IFS Objects Data Change Timestamp
An interesting question was lobbed at me this morning - "How can I change the data change timestamp in an[...]
How to get a list of all files in an IFS folder
Talking to a colleague this morning, we were discussing a vendor supplied series of spreadsheets (in CSV format) that his[...]
Edit MENU with IBM i RDI
Today I be mainly playing with UIM MENU'sthat bloke from the fast show ... and I found that Rational Developer[...]
What is AS400 modernization?
I've been involved in some heavy RPG modernization projects recently. Ranging from application replacements, to middleware webservice integrations to light[...]
Encrypt IBM i File (Table) Data with no RPGLE changes using SQL
I found this wonderful article over at Midrange Blog It does exactly what I am trying to do: Lets me[...]
How to read a Data Area (*DTAARA) using IBM i SQL
Our first problem is, SQL doesn't know what a *DTAARA is. SQL reads data from Tables but our gloriously quirky[...]
An Englishman in America
To quote Sting " I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien I'm an Englishman in New York" But, over the[...]
How to update RDi – Rational Developer for IBM ‘i’ Programmers
Last night was I was chatting to an old programming chum in Chicago. As you may be aware, for most[...]
Cleaning messy IBM i Integrated File System (IFS) file names
This morning I had an email from a blog subscriber ( Hi Rick! ) asking for a code tips on[...]
So, I received a hacked email with an old password! Demanding payment with Bitcoin! #Blackmail
This morning I awoke to find an email from a digital blackmailer. This email shows one of my commonly used[...]
How to encrypt or hide CL/RPG Source Code in ILE Debug Views
Us programmers can be a secretive bunch. If you see a programmer running screaming from a meeting, clutching a program[...]