Shall we Disqus why Drupal Comments are Dead?

  • Posted on: 14 November 2013
  • By: NickLitten

Spammers... I bloody hate them.

Over the last few weeks, I've had a rash of spam attacks. The modules I was using to modulate spam (Mollom, Antispam, Botcha) worked very well in blocking the huge portion of it. The downside was a big upsurge in CPU utilization on my webserver and finally getting a 'cease and desist' warning from the website abuse folks over at ICDSOFT. *sigh*

So, rather than continue to fight the evil Spam OverLords I decide to travel a different route and let someone fight the battle for me. Why handle the website comments myself when I can let an third party handle them for me.... after a little investigation I was left thinking "Facebook comments or something else to handle it?"

Facebook integration is cumbersome and my memories of doing it last time were not something I want to play with again. There is not enough hours in the day.

DISQUS is very cool.

Enough Said.

Integration of DISQUS in a Druapl7 install is simple. Grab the module from here and plop it into Drupal, then create an APP over on for your website and add the APP Keys into your Drupal and VOILA fully managed commenting service. 

Instruction from Disqus are easy to walk through:


  1. Download and install the Disqus module into your respective sites directory (sites/all/modules).
  2. Enable the module in admin/build/modules
  3. Register your site at
  4. Visit admin/settings/disqus and set your configuration options depending on what you registered with on Disqus, as well as what node types you'd like Disqus comments to be present on.
  5. Enable the "view disqus comments" permission at admin/user/access oradmin/user/permission for users you'd like to see the comments
  6. Visit admin/build/block to show some Disqus information in the block regions
  7. Disable Drupal commenting on the content types for which you have Disqus enabled. This will prevent Drupal comments from being open on new posts.
  8. (optional) Disable permissions for site visitors to use Drupal comments. This is recommended if you are replacing all new comments on your site with the Disqus system. Otherwise, comments will remain open on your existing content


It looks neat, I don't have to let anyone register on my drupal website and Disqus handles all commenting, storage, anti-spam etc etc