Bullworker Exercise Training Wallchart


Jan 08

What Is the Bullworker? The Bullworker is an exercise device that’s used for isometric exercise. It features spring-loaded, contracting cylinders and users push inward on both ends of the device to work the arm muscles. It has strap down the side which expand the workout to include pulling out for lateral workouts. This design allows the Bullworker to be used for exercising the legs and lower body.

But if you have found this blog then you know that anyway 😉

I rebuilt this website last weekend and while checking logs this morning I was amazed to see that the sixth most accessed topic this week is the old blogs I wrote for the Bullworker UK website I ran ten years ago. Now, I know it’s a couple of weeks after Saturnalia/Hannukah/Christmas/USA-Holidays and people are desperately thinking about working off those chrimbo calories and obviously digging out their old bullworkers from the cupboard where they have been gathering dust since the same time last year.

Seriously though, the Bullworker is a great exercise machine and I seriously miss this online business: I genuinely believe this little exercise device works well and it has an active and passionate fan base. The forums were always active and I met some really nice folks online.

Anyway – one of the search phrases that bought people here is “bullworker wall chart” so I dugout an old workout wallchart (which we used to sell for $9.99) and as the company is no longer trading, I guess it’s fair to share it with the world. 😉

Free Bullworker WallChart

free bullworker wall chart isometric bullyxtreme steelbow
Bullworker Training Exercise Chart

– click download, print and get your bully on.

Merry Isometrics everybody…


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