CL on AS400, Iseries and IBM i

What is CL?

Control language (CL) allows system programmers and system administrators to write programs using IBM® i commands and other IBM-supplied commands.

Control language (CL) is the primary interface to the operating system.

CL can be used at the same time by users at different workstations, in batch and interactive jobs and in CL programs and procedures.

  • AS/400 - used CL from the 1980's
  • iSeries - used AS/400 CL with some new functions and commands
  • IBM i - uses AS400 and iSeries CL code easily. The older code if fully compatible. But modern IBM i CL has many many new features added which obviously would never had run on the old AS400 & iSeries machines.

Who uses CL Commands?

CL commands are typically used by programmers, IT managers, and system administrators.

Through IBM i command menus, powerful command prompter tools, and online command help, nontechnical users can also use CL commands.

To use CL commands, you should have a general understanding of the IBM i operating system.

If you want to combine several CL commands together to create a CL program, some background in programming is helpful.

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