Essential WordPress Plugins – ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

ARVE Video Embedder making videos beautiful again

This excellent little plugin gives you one place to set display elements and ensure that any embedded video content is displayed in the perfect layout for all viewers, whether they are desktop, mobile or using a tele-type printer from 1982:


I forgot to mention this in the video!

ARVE has a max size setting which will ensure the embedded video *fills* the width of the webpage you are embedding in. This defaults to '0' which means "get the width from the theme" but in my case -- my THRIVE theme doesn't supply the width! I don't know why? But I also don't care because this has an easy solution:


Arve maximal width

Increase the MAXIMAL WIDTH value from 0 to whatever you want - in my case I just put in 2000 to say "expand this upto 2000px wide or the size of the container its within" and it works a treat:

Essential wordpress plugins – arve advanced responsive video embedder 1

And that's why you (hopefully) see the video filling the width of this page 🙂

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