(1) Install Microsoft Visual Studio Code

I'm going to download and install Visual Studio Code for Windows, but it's also available for Apple Mac and Linux.

First step is to download from the VS Code website and then add the Code for IBM i extension from the Marketplace.

Install visual studio code for ibm i 1

Installing Visual Studio Code is easy and straightforward

Download and run the installer:


Once you have it installed, setup the environment in your preferred layout with colour schemes and environment.

You can now use VS Code for writing your program source code with all the main languages.

Install visual studio code for ibm i 2

But, we now want to add the ability to write code on our IBM i System, so let’s browse the language extensions.

(2) Install Code for IBM i from the Visual Studio Marketplace

Select your extension – starting with “CODE FOR IBM i” and dive straight in:

Install visual studio code for ibm i 3

After installing, note the instructions are all on the right hand side. You simply go down this list and you will be up and running with your VS-Code IDE in no time.

These show you how to connect to your IBM i system, open your first source file and edit your source code.

Make sure you setup your library list correctly the you can compile code too.

Next Steps?

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