Step 2 – Download Rational Developer for IBM i (RDi)

Download Rational Developer for IBM i (RDi)

So, from the previous lesson you have now

  1. Visited the RDi Download page
  2. Logged onto IBM using your IBMid (create one if you don't have one)
  3. Downloaded the latest version of RDi

When I clicked download TRIAL (which seems to be the only version available) I see this:

Download rdi 9. 6

With the current version (RDi V9.6) the download is split into two file - each sitting at around 3.5GB.

Download both to your DOWNLOADS folder

Select both files and click EXTRACT ALL

Step 2 – download rational developer for ibm i (rdi) 1

Extract all into one folder:

Step 2 – download rational developer for ibm i (rdi) 2

These are large downloads containing over 30k files!

Come on IBM - thirty thousand files to install this product! WTAF? This unzip takes ages, so leave it unzipping and go and make yourself a nice cup of tea


Now you can have a look at the downloaded files and the install.txt file is fairly terse but has the install instructions:

Rational Developer for i
If you download the installation files, extract the compressed files to a common root directory (for example, on Windows, this could be C:\temp\INSTALL_IMAGE).
After the files are extracted, they look like this: C:\temp\INSTALL_IMAGE\disk1 C:\temp\INSTALL_IMAGE\disk2
The launchpad program provides you with a single location to view release information and start the installation process.
To start the launchpad program: For Windows: Run launchpad.exe from disk1 For Linux: Run ./ from disk1 For OS X: From Finder, run from disk1 Note: To use the launchpad to install, you must have Administrator or root privileges.

So, let's goto the next lessons and read how to install this RDi thing and see what happens next...

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