Step 5 – Using Rational Developer for IBM i

Step 5 – play with RDi

SPOILER ALERT – it runs great.

RDi 9.6 *feels* slightly faster than RDi 9.5. I think this is because it’s Eclipse 4.6 but… but… that might be my imagination.

The hover on field values is really good and I can already see that being productive:

#ibmi rdi 9. 6 (rational developer for i) is available. Lets grab it and download! 11
  • The compile listing functions seem much better
  • I love the "extract procedure refactoring” function. This lets us easily select blocks of code, for example a subroutine, wand convert that code into a reusable sub-procedure
  • IBM also improved the preference search filter
  • Improvements to the SQL formatter
  • Improved editor navigation marking occurrences of variables
  • V9.6 also has a number of fixes to the previous release

You can watch a video of the RDi install later in this module.

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