An IBM i subfile has the same setup as previous generations of AS/400 and iSeries. A subfile is a powerful feature that allows you to display and manage multiple records on a single screen. Let me break it down for you:

  1. Purpose of Subfiles:
    • Subfiles are used to present a list of values or records to the user.
    • They allow you to handle multiple records of the same type on a display screen.
    • You can perform actions like scrolling through the list, selecting items, and making changes.
  2. How Subfiles Work:
    • A subfile is defined in a display file (DSPF).
    • The records displayed in the subfile are read from a database file through a program.
    • The program writes the records to the device file, which is then displayed on the subfile screen.
  3. Types of Subfiles:
    • Load All Subfile: Loads the entire subfile at once. Suitable for smaller datasets.
    • Page at a Time Subfile: Loads one page of records at a time. More efficient for larger datasets.
    • Expanding Page  Subfile: Loads one page of records at a time, expanding as it adds pages.
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