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June 20, 2021

Welcome to a growing list of Online Training Courses for IBM i, AS400, iSeries, WordPress, SEO and More

Companies are shifting digital enterprise assets into the internet web service model. Also known as also known as the client/server approach, this means that IBM i Online Learning is focussed on migrating older AS400/iSeries applications and legacy RPG/CL/COBOL code from green screen to a modern web paradigm.

You need to understand how to create websites, how PHP operates and how to take older RPG applications and modify them to work in the modern internet connected world.

The growing list of Online Learning Courses cover optics like:

  • IBM i System History
  • IBM i System Programming
  • IBM i Webservices
  • Website Design using WordPress (PHP)

Each of these online learning paths comes with its personal precise set of skills. Application programmers are taught language programming and the finer factors of question equipment like SQL. The WebSphere courses focus on the development, installing, management and monitoring of modern websites like the one you are reading right now.

These descriptions are very general, of course, and these mastering paths aren’t the solely education on hand for IBM products. Other courses–whether on line or on-campus–exist to complement many niches in the IT market.

Dive in and Enjoy your Online IBM i Learning

If there is a specific topic you have questions about, or a course you would like to see – please submit a ticket and I promise to cover it as soon as possible! 🙂

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