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Course overview post 1

Do you know the difference between the AS400, iSeries, System i and IBM i Power System?

No? Well it’s time to clear up the confusion with this presentation 🙂

This short presentation is an introduction to the IBM i Power System and a look at the IBM Midrange System’s heritage from the 1970’s up to the current day.

We will look at the old pre-internet AS400 systems, explain the transition to the millenium iSeries machines and explain the benefits of today’s modern Web2.0 IBM i power houses. 

If you are an I.T. Executive, a trainee programmer, a novice IBM-i user, or simply need a more detailed understanding of this computer system, then this course is for you.

From System/3x to AS400 to ISERIES to IBM I

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Free Presentation - From the AS400 to ISERIES to IBM i on POWER

A brief history of the AS400

Text lesson

Do you know the difference between an IBM AS/400, iSeries, System i and IBM i Power System? Do you *think* that an AS400 is the computer that is driving your business? Do you call the business system "The Four Hundred"? Then this course is for you....

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Module 2 - IBM i System Overview : Time to look under the covers and see what drives your IBM i System. From hardware technology, the software setup and a brief look at how the OS is structured.

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Module 3 - Diving Deeper into the IBM i Power System. Don't panic. Not too deep. Just a quick snorkel dive into the world of IBM i Systems and what makes them tick....

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Module 4 - IBM i Security and Authority : What makes the IBM i System so secure? Let's have a skim over the system authority, how it works and a brief high level overview of what it looks like.

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