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TURNOVER Software Change Management for IBM i, iSeries and AS400


TURNOVER® for iSeries is a powerful Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution for the IBM i platform. Designed to manage the most complex of development environments, it will provide granular control over your software change processes, using automation to cut errors, and enforceable workflows that allow changes to flow swiftly from request through to production.

Softlanding Software, a Part of UNICOM

What does this mean, without using the acronyms?

Software Change Management is a technique that lets us manage software changes in any companies software deployment process. TURNOVER is a software change management application that helps developers through the end-to-end application lifecycle management process.

TURNOVER is an IBM i application (which they confusingly market as "TURNOVER for iSeries"!? #bonkers) which helps software development teams control software deliveries while remaining functional, reliable and auditable.

Turnover is a complex application but the good news is that it's fairly easy to use.

  • TURNOVER has a terminal mode (aka green screen) - no longer supported but which handles 90% of the main functions.
  • TURNOVER has a Windows Application - regularly updated and the preferred method of using TURNOVER. This also links into IBM i Rational Developer as a plugin

This course will grow more lessons, documents, videos, hints and tips re added. 😉

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