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What is an IBM i Power System?

IBM i Basics

Let's look at a quick overview of what an IBM i System is. We will look at the history of the predecessor technologies, the IBM AS400 and IBM iSERIES machines.

Mainframes and Midrange servers are both types of computers that are driving all the large business in the world today. Mainframes typically run z/OS or Linux; Midrange servers run IBM i, Linux or AIX. From a hardware perspective, a mainframe is made of a distributed network with multiple computing components, meshing together to form a massive computing platform. A midrange server is typically a single, standalone system. Both can run multiple operating systems, called Virtual Machines or Logical Partitions.

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We are looking at the IBM POWER SYSTEM, this midrange machine primarily runs IBM i Operating System which specializes in business applications, reporting, data warehousing, and more. The beauty of IBM i is that it can run all the old AS/400 and iSeries application with little or no changes.

The Power System hardware has decades of runtime, proving its incredible stability, minimal downtime and strong security defenses; IBM i is commonly viewed as the perfect platform for companies housing financial information.

This course will give you an overview of the IBM I operating system, and then walk you through signing up for a free IBM i Virtual System, getting you signed on and actually exploring your very own IBM i Power System.

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