Free alternative to Teamviewer – Cloudberry Remote Assistant is excellent!


Dec 08

Having a Remote Desktop tool is a terrific bonus. For a few years I’ve used Teamviewer to remote control the computers of my kids and family members. As an IT Consultant, I’m the goto person for fixing any computer problems and/or helping with online homework, answering weird questions about why some piece of software works (or doesn’t!).

But for the last few months Teamviewer has decided that something about the way I frequently help my technology challenged Uncle in Spain makes it a commercial transaction. It’s not commercial, I am just helping a family member…. A lot 🙂

Cloudberry Remote Assistant
Cloudberry Remote Assistant

Unfortunately once Teamviewer decides you are doing these remote sessions as a job, it restricts the sessions to a minute. 🙁

I’ve asked Teamviewer and pleaded to remove this restriction but no joy.

“I would pay for the Teamviewer Pro version, but at $600 a year for their cheapest subscription model its ridiculously overpriced.”

Me. Watching my pennies.

So, reluctantly I tried many different remote desktop tools. All were clunky, complicated or just not as smooth and easy to use as Teamviewer. Hashtag sad face.

But suddenly… a new contender enters the ring:

Cloudberry Remote Assistant

Cloudberry is Free and bloody excellent!

Cloudberry Remote Assistant

CloudBerry Remote Assistant uses RSA algorithm based encrypted sessions and all connections are secured by SSL encryption. on a technical note this means your connections are nice and secure. This is great to know for us propeller heads.

For the non-propeller heads (like my Uncle Dave) they just know that its super easy to use and its safe.

Unk knows that he can simply click a menu option and let me see his computer screen, and I can then request control and take over his mouse and keyboard to help him with whatever computer questions he has. 🙂

Here it is in action:

Please excuse the crappy audio and feedback… note to self – but a decent mic with feedback cleanup

CloudBerry Remote Assistant looks like it works on Windows, Mac and iOS. I’ve played with this to connect to my Uncles Windows PC in Spain, and my daughters college macbook in South Carolina. Both worked flawlessly. Greatwork Cloudberry!

If you are looking for a FREE replacement for Teamview – CloudBerry Remote Assistant is your clear winner.

Download it and enjoy some simple remote control.

While you are downloading, here is some blurb Cloudberry’s website:

CloudBerry Remote Assistant featured image
CloudBerry Remote Assistant

Direct Connection

In Remote Assistant 2.0, we implemented a new Direct Connection feature that establishes a direct connection between two computers without the need for any central server orchestration of data.

Direct Connection works with computers in the same network and with remote computers. For remote connections, CloudBerry Remote Assistant leverages the UPnP protocol. If a UPnP connection cannot be established, Remote Assistant falls back to using the CloudBerry server to establish and manage the remote connection.

Command-Line Interface

CloudBerry Remote Assistant now has a command-line interface (CLI); something that has been requested by many of our users. The range of CLI functionality includes configuration of the app’s settings and initiation of connections. Refer to our online help for detailed information on the new CLI.

Tray Icon

Previously versions terminated the application when closing the main Remote Assistant window. This caused some inconvenience for users because remote computers would no longer be reachable. In response to a close of the main windows in release 2.0, we now have an option to minimize the app to the Windows Tray instead, where it can be quickly reopened.


CloudBerry Remote Assistant for Windows continues improving and version 2.0 gains a number of highly-anticipated features like Direct Connection and a new Command-Line Interface.

Feel free to check out CloudBerry Remote Assistant 2.0 and share your feedback in the comment section below.


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