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Oct 30

IBM i 5250 Screen Sizes – Widescreen for the Win!


Back in the good old days (thats programmer-speak for decades ago, when doing anything on a computer was a lot more complicated than it is today)  5250 screen sizes of 24 rows and 80 characters wide seemed like plenty of room. Monitors were green text, on black background, with none of those fancy annoying graphics […]

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Feb 24

Forget MAGA Vote MGWA – Make Greenscreen Wide Again

IBM i , Programming

Make Greenscreen Wide Again Good old fashioned Green Screen. Not, not the trendy computer graphics – look I can superimpose myself in space type “green screen”. I’m talking about the original – the green on black, 1960’s style terminals that we associate with old mainframe computers. Call it what you will; terminal emulator, 5250 screen,  […]

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