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Aug 24

RPG and AS400 awareness test

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So, back in the days of Sinclair C5’s, black and white TV licenses and pound notes, RPG was a bright new and vibrant programming language.

/me coughs and splutters slightly

Digging around an old Disk Drive (or perhaps I should say ‘winchester drive’) just looking to see if it was safe to throw away, I discovered some great old word documents that I put together back in the day. One of these was an RPG type test which was used to try to gauge the knowledge of people applying for programming roles within the Software House that I worked for.

I guess this was first written back in 91 and only goes to show how steady RPG is since it’s largely unchanged and still going strong after nearly 20 years:


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Sep 27

The IBM AS400 eServer

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The IBM AS/400 is a midrange system which has proven itself as the premier choice for businesses requiring a computer system capable of handling diverse business requirements ranging from Data Warehousing through to e-Commerce.

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Mar 09

I remember the IBM AS/400

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Old Wrinkled Programmer remembers those giant creamy computers My earliest exposure to BIG COMPUTING was back in the late 1980’s. Computers were a new thing to the world, business were running on mainframes or a new range of mini-computers. The personal computer was just evolving and the brand of “mini-computers” was about to be renamed […]

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Jan 27

Back when ebusiness was young and the AS400 had just become the iseries

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I found this old email tucked away in a dark, damp corner of my old desktop. Covered in cobwebbs, sticky with splashes of Jolt Cola and sticky bits of snickers bars it raised a wry smile whgen I read it. A quick cut/paste later and here it is. I sent this to some of my AS400 team members when on site for a client in London. A big German bank who’s name rhymes with… erm… well it doesnt rhyme with anything actually.

Anyway, this was my first visit to the Annual News400 conference back in 2000. I had a fantastic time and was in full geek delight for the entire week:



So, I attended the News/400 International Conference in Vail, Colorado, last week.

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Aug 09

The AS400 is dead – long live the IBM iSeries

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The long-rumored and much-debated rebranding of IBM’s disparate server lines, known under the code-name Mach1, was announced on October 3, just a few weeks before the fall COMMON midrange trade show in Baltimore. The AS/400 is henceforth known as the iSeries 400, not the I/500, as had been widely reported. But there’s a lot more to Mach1 than renaming the AS/400. For the next several months, IBM is going to be blitzing the media and its customer base in an attempt to establish a new, unifying brand identity for its server lines, as well as new subbrand identities for the machines that used to be called AS/400s, S/390s, RS/6000s, Netfinities, and NUMA-Qs.

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