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Jul 11

Convert RPG Datefield %DATE into a signed numeric

IBM i , Programming , RPG

To convert a RPG DATEFIELD to this numeric 8,0 field with no ‘/’ or ‘-‘ do this: D USADate 8s 0 USADate = %dec(%char(DateField:*iso0):8:0); Or another even neater function is this: USADate = %uns(%char(DateField:*USA0)); I prefer this %UNS built in function, since it does not require me to specify length and decimal position parameters. What […]

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Mar 12

another as400 jba date conversion routine

IBM i , AS400 , iSeries , RPG

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Here’s the other date conversion – It’s a JBA date (7,0 numeric) to 8 character alpha in JIS format (YYYYMMDD) with no separators. If you want separators in your result then simply expand the result field by 2 characters (to 10) and replace the “0” in the “*jis0” with what ever separator you prefer. Eval […]

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