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Update an IBM i file with SQL cursor using SQLRPGLE WHERE CURRENT OF

Using SQL in RPGLE programs is easier than you think. Making the move from RPG native file IO to SQL database IO is really quite straightforward.  Changing from good old READE loops to SQL FOR Loops simply means using the SQL CURSOR function. SQL has a groovy way of referring to what the stuff that […]

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When you do the RUNSQLSTM to create your SQL Objects – Do not qualify library names but use the Turnover variables just like you would define PDM variables: ? RUNSQLSTM SRCFILE(“&SL”/”&SF” SRCMBR(“&SM”) COMMIT(*NONE) NAMING(*SYS) DFTRDBCOL(“&LI”) Turnover uses the DFTRDBCOL column “&LI” to populate the other *library* variables. DFTRDBCOL(NLITTEN) Most shops I’ve been to use QSQLSRC […]

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as400 ddl vs dds

IBM i SQL vs DDS – Is SQL faster than CPYF Native IO?

For the longest time I’ve heard about the performance difference between a true SQL INDEX and a DDS ACCESS PATH generated index on the IBM i operating system (or ‘OS400’ which was a ten year old, but very commonly used version of the the same OS). But is it true? I know that SQL creates […]

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