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Sep 13

Varying Length fields in DDS and IBM i SQL

Back in the olden days – files were filled with numbers and long string of data. Words like SAUSAGES might have been stored as a 30 ALPHA field in the format “SAUSAGES______________________” which, even tho its padded with *blanks – is just wasting a lot of space. Nowadays, most systems use variable length fields, shorter, […]

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Nov 24

Use MSGCON to display a MSGID from a MSGF

By using MSGCON (message constant) keyword. You use MSGCON, a field-level keyword to declare the text for constant fields is contained in a message description. Years ago, this was used by a lot of companies to create multilingual display files. The idea was that you could remove the ENGLISH language fields from every *DSPF and […]

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Jun 27

Modernizing AS400 Green Screens

Modernizing AS400 aka WEB-ENABLING AS400 and iSeries Converting an old green screen application to run in a website is as easy as typing an email or uploading a photo to facebook. If you are a modern IBM i Software developer the chances are, your system has lots of old AS400 and iSeries that code that […]

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Jul 26

Interview Question and Answer – AS400 things you should know

Twenty years ago these are the kind of things you had to know to work on the old AS400 systems. I found these on an old dusty corner of my homeserver. Enjoy the trip down memory lane or to use old RPG lingo AS400NERD CABEQ ‘1’ ┬áSTART MISCELLANEOUS How do you combine two record formats […]

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Mar 18

IBM i SQL vs DDS – Is SQL faster than CPYF Native IO?

as400 ddl vs dds

For the longest time I’ve heard about the performance difference between a true SQL INDEX and a DDS ACCESS PATH generated index on the IBM i operating system (or ‘OS400’ which was a ten year old, but very commonly used version of the the same OS). But is it true? I know that SQL creates […]

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May 30

Controlling DSPF color without using indicators

Code400.com is probably the best RPG programming related forum around (Bob Cozzi’s comes in a close second but the UI is just awful and I really cant spend to long trying to navigate around without getting annoyed… but I digress…). I frequently read neat little tricks and this is a smart one I saw a […]

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