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Send IBM i Email including SQL Table Data automatically

Have you ever wanted to extract some data out of an IBMi/AS400 file using SQL and then email that data to someone as an Excel Spreadsheet? Now you can… all from one IBMi command without having to write any CL code to do it. Projex4i: DSTDTA command now handles SQL STRINGS for selecting data I […]

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IBM i Emails with IFS attachments from RPG and CL using SNDSMTPEMM

Life as a IBM i Software Developer is fun, but life as an AS400 software maintenance programmer can be a bit grim. I seem to spend the bulk of my time maintaining older applications – archaic code monstrosities that started life in the AS400 generation. “The AS400 generation?” You remember these days in the early […]

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“How to send email from the AS400” – Before we had IBM power i

I recently found this great article that answered all my questions regarding how to send emails (in this case various CSV spreadsheets) from the AS400 and iSeries machines: Send E-Mail Messages with SMTP Article ID: 53023 Posted August 17th, 2006 In a previous newsletter (July 27, 2006, article ID 52911), I discussed the format of […]

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upload all outlook email to google gmail or hotmail and keep everything in one place

So, having recently gone through my seemingly annual exercise of backup, format, install, restore of my laptop, I was prompted to actually sit down and sort out my various backups, network drives and data stored randomly on various desktop and laptop systems. It’s [shock horror] actually all kind of neat and tidy now… all documents, […]

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Looking for help with a corrupted Outlook file?

Amazingly this page is one of the most frequently accessed so it’s been renamed to make it more search engine friendly and the page has moved to


It has instructions on things to do if you Outlook PST file is corrupted and the download for the SCANPST EXE tool.


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